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    Long ago, there was a time when pizza was always made from fresh, never frozen ingredients. During the 50’s, a style emerged from the pizzaparlors across the country that featured a thin, crisp crust, zesty-sauced pizza with ample toppings and lots of gooey cheese!

    Stonedeck Pizza Pub revives this classic American style in every bite of our hand-crafted, scratch kitchen pies.

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    Before Prohibition sent distillers into the hills to cook up the elixir by the light of the moon (hence the name), European settlers were already well-versed with the production of the potent corn-based whiskey. Essentially made like the Scotches and Irish Whiskeys of their homeland, colonists used abundant, indigenous corn as the base for their “New World”, American version.

    After Prohibition, the tradition of “illegal” moonshining continued whereas legitimate production trended toward bourbons and aged whiskeys. In recent years, the “legal” production of “Moonshine”, which is basically un-aged, untreated corn whiskey, has seen resurgence in bars and pubs across the country.

    The Bar at Stonedeck Pizza Pub features over twenty-five craft-distilled moonshines and a dozen house-infused shines which include Chocolate Espresso, Ginger Lemon, Cranberry Lemonade, Dreamsicle and many more!

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    Craft brewers are distinguished from others by three unique characteristics: small production, independently owned and operated, and following those who follow traditional methods.

    Stonedeck Pizza Pub stocks over 125 exclusively American Craft Beers from all over the country with a focus on local breweries. Our draft beer program features a “fully rotating” tap selection of small format, draft beers changing daily.